November 28, 2020



Love Spells

Love Spells

Headache after love spells casting . 

Love spells side effects. A headache after casting a love spell may  be a sign that you have used too.  Much energy through spell cast and it  has taken hold of your intended target. An overload of reciprocated  feelings can often weaken the body and disorganize the normal balance of  energy hence resulting in a headache. This is because you infringed on  your loved ones free will. 

Serious sickness after love spells casting

Love spells side effects, Serious sickness or nauseous after casting a spell is a common  problem. This is a result of misalignment between your negative and  positive energy  for you to function very well. The actions of  influencing your partner without his free will can cause a negative  impact hence causing consequences to you and your loved one.

Anxiety after love spells casting

Love Spells

Anxiety can be linked to lack of preparation for the consequences of a  spell, it can be very easy to fret over the possibility that a love  spell may not work on the intended target. The negative energy can  overpower its more positive counterpart and can result in high or  increased levels of anxiety

Backfires after love spells casting

Even with the best intentions at heart there are times when a love  spells can back fire. The consequences of such occurrences can range  from minor to extreme depending on an individual’s circumstances. In  this way when a love spell backfires Your partner may reject or start  behaving in a strange way. And this may result into a complete loss of  contact and communication.

Mental damage after love spells casting

The mental side effects of binding spells inflict the most damage  through aggression or anger, feelings of depression, Anxiety and  hopelessness as while as loss of appetite .

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